How to choose the right playground rubber floor?

Sep 27th,2022

Many daycare, school, commercial and public playground surfaces must meet drop height requirements for playground equipment. There are several types of playground decking available in Canada, including playground mats, artificial turf, loose rubber, wood fiber and gravel. The right surface ensures that the playground is accessible to all and protects children from injury and falls.

Tips for choosing playground decking

Prioritize safety

First and foremost, safety is a top priority when choosing a playground surface. Rubber playground mats are some of the safest surface materials because they are cushioned enough to absorb the impact of a drop while providing a firm, non-slip surface for children to run on. They come in a variety of thicknesses to meet the drop height requirements of playground equipment, making them an ideal and popular playground surface.

Consider Accessibility

Inclusive and accessible playgrounds are becoming more commonplace where children of all abilities can play. Loose playground surfaces, such as wood fibers, loose rubber and gravel, make it difficult for children in wheelchairs to access the playground. For this reason, playground designers choose rubber as the ideal flooring choice.

Visual Appearance

Children respond to visual stimuli and respond positively to interesting patterns and colors. The right playground surface can help children have an enjoyable experience while providing a safe environment.

where to find playground surfaces

At UDINE SPORT, we supply elastic rubber mats and rubber playground tiles worldwide. Our playground mats are made of porous large gauge rubber that is shock absorbing, non-slip, comfortable and provides the safest playing surface under play structures.

We also offer other play-safe materials such as artificial turf and foam pads designed for indoor and outdoor use. Contact us today for more information or to get a project quote.