7 Reasons Artificial Grass is Perfect for Events & Exhibitions

Apr 12th,2023

7 Reasons Artificial Grass is Perfect for Events & Exhibitions

The many benefits of artificial grass mean it's no surprise that it's becoming popular at such an alarming rate.

One area where it has seen huge growth in recent years is its use at events and exhibitions.

There are many reasons why businesses and event organizers choose artificial turf for their events and exhibitions.

Fake grass used to have a bit of a stigma, and a lot of people didn't think highly of it. This is because a few years ago, artificial turf was of poor quality and did not look realistic at all.

Most people's first impression of artificial grass is formed when they see it on a greengrocer's shelf. There will be various (usually) fruits, usually in the shape of a pyramid, with clusters of plastic exposed between and around the displays. The harsh lighting on the display doesn't help either. Bright lights make the fake turf look even more fake.

However, artificial grass has come a long way since then.

Developments in new technology and manufacturing techniques mean that in today's world, it can be difficult to tell fake grass from real grass.

The development of technology has made a major contribution to the improvement of the quality of artificial turf.

New technology has taken artificial grass to new heights, and artificial grass is not only popular in gardens, but also has a wide range of other applications (besides greengrocer display racks!).

Due to the versatility of artificial grass, it can be used both indoors and outdoors year-round, and the natural appearance of artificial grass makes it ideal for use at events and exhibitions.

Some of the event and exhibition types that use artificial turf include music festivals, trade shows, concerts, sports games, weddings and product launches.

1. Artificial Grass Turns Heads

The main purpose of attending events and exhibitions is to attract as many visitors as possible to your booth in order to generate leads and sales throughout the event.

Trade shows and exhibitions can be expensive for businesses, so it's important to attract as many visitors as possible to your booth.

Installing artificial grass on the surface of your display area is sure to create a buzz and pique the interest of the visitors which will encourage them to visit your stand.

Standing out from the crowd is crucial in every aspect of business, and even more so at events and exhibitions where many of your competitors will typically be attending.

To attract more attention, why not consider covering other areas of your booth (other than the floor) with artificial grass? Artificial grass can be installed over chairs to create a quirky seating area, or you can even cover the rest of your furniture, including the booth itself or your company's mascot.

It's even possible to turn your logo into an artificial turf.

Artificial turf is great for attracting eyeballs and increasing foot traffic to your booth.

2. Artificial Grass Creates a Talking Point

One of the keys to the success of any event or exhibit is making the experience as memorable as possible.

There are many ways an organizer can make an event memorable; sometimes it’s the smaller touches to remember, and artificial grass is certainly one of them.

People love artificial grass and it's sure to be a great talking point as your guests will marvel at how realistic and comfortable it is.

As we mentioned above, artificial grass can be used to cover many different items, such as chairs, tables, bar counters, walls... anything you can think of can be covered with artificial grass, and its uses are limited to your imagination.

The weirder it is, the more memorable it will be and the more people will talk about your event or exhibit.

From a business standpoint, this is great news, and who knows, photos of your event might even be shared via social media and eventually go viral.

3. It’s Welcoming

Another reason artificial grass is great for events and exhibitions is its popularity.

Artificial grass has a very natural look, which is to your advantage and can be used to cover cooler looking, unsightly surfaces such as concrete.

Color can have a significant subliminal impact on your visitors.

For example, green represents growth, nature, money, fertility and security. It is considered a relaxing color that is pleasing to the eye. It is often used to mean anything related to health.

Lush green artificial grass can have a positive subconscious effect on your guests and visitors, both increasing their enjoyment and their willingness to spend.

And, in the end, these are the main goals of many events and exhibitions.

4. Artificial Grass is Quick and Easy to Install

Another major advantage of choosing artificial grass for your events and exhibitions is that it can be installed very quickly and easily.

This is very important as many event organizers are racing against the clock to have their exhibit spaces ready on time.

In some cases—especially if you want to cover the polished concrete typically found in exhibition centers—artificial grass can be installed in a fraction of the time; it may be as simple as rolling out the fake turf and securing the perimeter.

For more complex installations, or installations that need to withstand heavy use over several days, such as at music festivals, it is highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional installer to ensure that the artificial grass can handle the required level of use.

5. Artificial Grass is Non-Slip

Unlike some forms of temporary paving, artificial grass provides a non-slip surface for your visitors.

Creating a safe, usable environment for your guests or visitors is paramount to keeping them safe.

For outdoor activities that may be affected by the weather, such as sudden downpours or continuous rain, installing artificial grass is a good idea because it is completely permeable and unlike real grass, it won't turn into a mud bath.

This will make your presentation space at an event or exhibit a safer environment and guests will flock to it if there is a downpour.

If any spills occur on the fake grass, they can be cleaned straight away, as any liquids can be rinsed off the grass with a hose or watering can, and solids can be swept up normally.

6. Artificial Grass Will Show No Signs of Wear

High-quality artificial grass is very hardwearing and able to withstand constant heavy foot traffic.

This gives artificial grass a major advantage over real grass, as it means your event or exhibit will stay fresh and tidy during the event, unlike foot traffic that can wreak havoc on a real grass area.

The key here, of course, is choosing grasses that do the job.

For heavily used areas, we highly recommend the use of Ultra-Dense UdineGrass, which has hard-wearing nylon fibers and up to 20,000 stitches per square meter of artificial grass.

Due to its abrasion resistance, artificial grass is versatile and durable, making it ideal for use at events and exhibitions.

7. Artificial Grass is Cost-Effective

Our final reason for choosing artificial grass for your event or exhibit is that it is a cost-effective form of surfacing.

Artificial grass is available in 4m and 2m rolls. This makes installation easy as it is as simple as spreading the fake grass into place. And it can easily be rolled back again for future events.

This means that, typically, choosing a quality artificial grass for your event or exhibition will be a great investment, as the one-time cost of purchasing the grass will be spread over multiple events as it can be easily reused.

This makes artificial grass very cost-effective.

If your event is a one-off, consider contacting a company that offers artificial grass rentals, as this is much less expensive than purchasing artificial grass outright.


There are many benefits to using artificial turf at your event or exhibition and hopefully this article has given you some ideas to make your event as memorable and successful as possible.

Artificial grass can really help you create a welcoming environment that is sure to get your guests talking.

If you want some samples of UdineGrass series artificial grass products, please contact us and fill in the sample request form, we will send you some samples for free.

If you have any questions about using fake grass, please feel free to contact us.