Is Artificial Grass Or Real Grass Better For Your Balcony?

Jun 15th,2022

When you live in an apartment or townhouse without a garden, a balcony is a way to save money - a little oasis outside where you can relax, get some fresh air and spend some time alone outside. Anyway, that's the hope. In many cases, our balcony is just a concrete-based space where dust and dead leaves collect, and where we occasionally dry our clothes or store our bikes.

Fortunately, this is not the case. Even in the center of a city, with some clever planning, a balcony can be transformed into a dreamy oasis. Many people think that one way to remodel a balcony is with grass, but this raises the question: should you choose real grass or artificial grass? Read on to learn the pros and cons of each method so you can make a decision.


Advantages of using artificial grass on the balcony

It's soft

First, artificial grass is soft all year round, with no sharp stones or weeds in it. We use polyethylene combined with strong nylon fibers to ensure our artificial grass is both stretchy and resilient

It's easy to clean, so it's ideal for pets

Keeping pets in an apartment can be a challenge, especially if you have a dog that needs to be taken to the bathroom every few hours. Artificial grass can be used by your dog and you can simply wash it off without turning your grass into a mud puddle. Just remember that whether you have real grass or artificial grass, it may start to smell if you don't remember to clean it from time to time. For everything you need to know about maintaining artificial grass, check out this blog post.


No mud

Real grass can often become mottled and muddy when used by pets, especially in winter. Artificial grass will never have this problem. No matter the season or weather, your pet can use man-made items and enter your home without leaving muddy footprints! Click here to choose the best artificial grass for your pet.

No need to water

Keeping true grass healthy and lush requires a lot of water, especially on hot days or if your balcony is shaded. Artificial grass looks the same regardless of the weather.


Fire resistance

In the devastating event of a fire in your home, some artificial turf can help the fire spread, but new grass products can prevent that from happening.

Pair with artificial or live plants

Whether you long for a garden or just like the idea of one, artificial grass can make that dream come true. If you want to be surrounded by greenery but don't want to get your hands dirty, artificial grass works great with artificial plants and trees, but if you want to develop your gardening skills, artificial grass can also work with your live plants use. Also, if you put some dirt on the artificial grass, you can easily brush it off without damaging your lawn.

Very easy to install

One of the best things about artificial grass is that it easily fits into smaller spaces. It's easy to cut to size with just a sharp knife and enables you to follow the exact shape of your balcony. Our artificial turf can be installed yourself, but if you prefer a professional installation, we can help you find a local installation company.

It won't die

Live grass needs the same things as any other plant to thrive—it needs water, light, and drainage. Most balconies have concrete bases, which don't leave much room for tree roots. There is very little sunlight in the corners of most places, which can make these areas patchy.

No weeds

Anywhere living plants can grow, so can weeds! We don't usually think of balcony lawns as having the same weed problems as ground lawns, but they can. Weeds are named for a reason!