How To Use Artificial Turf In Indoor Sports Facilities?

Jul 5th,2022

Artificial turf is one of the new materials developed by science and technology. In China and the world today, hundreds of different types of facilities have been built. Udine artificial grass is one of the most important artificial turf installation companies in this field in the international market. Its products are exported to the United States, Britain, Egypt, Portugal, France, Spain, Georgia and Afghanistan. It is a solution point for professional artificial turf. Turf installation facilities representing each sport category. So, what are the construction applications of artificial sports turf?

In the construction of carpet field facilities, the best artificial turf is often used than the cheap artificial turf. Today, it replaces the natural grass. The installation of artificial turf has problems not only in carpet courts, but also in large stadiums and giant football facilities. Among the installation costs of artificial turf made for football near me, 50 - 55 mm and 60 mm artificial turf are preferred in the construction of facilities. During the installation of artificial turf, open artificial turf Udine artistic grass course and indoor artificial turf Udine artistic grass course are used. Our team provides customers with choices by selecting different covering materials (such as tarpaulins and bed sheet coverings) in indoor artificial lawn cleaning.

Where can we grow artificial grass?

Our artificial lawn facilities are also applicable to the construction of tennis courts. In the construction of tennis courts, there are choices of indoor and outdoor tennis courts, as well as the construction of artificial grass tennis courts and grid track tennis courts, which have given necessary attention, dedication and value to Turkey and the world tennis movement Our team has not only contributed to tennis in the field of football, but also provided affordable artificial turf costs per square foot for tennis within the construction of Multi Sport grass carpet volleyball court. In addition, the artificial lawn facilities are built in the basketball game to create a healthy basketball court with affordable artificial lawn installation prices and high-quality applications.

As Udine artistic grass, our artificial lawn sports facilities are not only used for stadiums and gymnasiums, but also for the decoration of swimming pools, balcony floors, hotels, cafes and restaurants; Floors are used for interior and exterior walls and add value to the structure. If you are interested in our construction process, you can see our next article on how to install artificial grass on concrete. There are auxiliary products and equipment in the construction and application of artificial grass sports facilities. These are nets, scoreboard display systems, lamp posts and fixtures, as well as peripheral nets and top coatings.

What is the quality standard of UDINE artificial grass ?

As Udine artistic grass, the installation of artificial turf applies different procedures during and after the construction of artificial turf facilities according to FQC test procedures. These procedures are; Ball rebound test procedure, ball rolling and resistance procedure, crampon rotation and resistance value procedure, damping procedure, vertical and horizontal deformation procedure. These procedures are concerned with assessing the individual and ball interactions of athletes who exercise in turf facilities. The resistance applied to the footballer and the ball must be at a certain level. If these values are exceeded or not reached, athletes' injuries, poor performance, and adverse reactions and behaviors of the ball that will undermine the progress of the game are regarded as unhealthy conditions.

Frequently asked questions about artificial grass

Is artificial turf always used?

There are no seasonal restrictions on the use of artificial turf, whether it is landscaping or artificial turf construction. The most important thing about the artificial grass that can be laid every month in a year is that the ground is not wet or frosty. In addition to these problems, you can always use artificial grass.

Is artificial grass used indoors?

Artificial grasses do not need to be outdoors because they do not need sunlight or oxygen as natural grasses do. So you can easily use it indoors.

Is artificial grass planted?

Artificial grasses are not prepared by planting or seeding like natural grasses. The planting stage of natural grass is very difficult and takes a long time. Artificial turf is basically a carpet, cut and laid according to the required square meters.

Is artificial grass harmful?

Although artificial grass is man-made, it is not harmful to health. Therefore, from children to the elderly, everyone can easily use artificial grass. Recently, the synthetic grass named petgrass specially produced for animals is also very popular.