High Quality 50mm Artificial Football Grass with Long Lifespan
High Quality 50mm Artificial Football Grass with Long Lifespan
High Quality 50mm Artificial Football Grass with Long Lifespan
Artificial Football Grass is a popular trend, more and more reel football grass are replaced by high quality 50mm artificial football grass, because it is with long lifespan, it will save much more cost. Any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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  • *Trademark:Udine
  • *Specification:Pile height: 50mm, Gauge: 5/8inch, Stitch rate: 170/M, Dtex: 12000, Density: 10710, Backing: PP, Color: 1 tone
  • *Transport Package:cardboard core and water proof PP bag outside
  • *Application:football field
  • *Material:PE, PP
  • *Color:1tone
  • *Payment Terms:L/C, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Money Gram
  • *Production Capacity:100000
  • *Port:Qingdao, China
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Football Grass is the best solution to keep your environment fresh and green all year round. Udine specialize in residential, commercial artificial lawns and professional putting greens, tennis courts and cricket pitches etc.

Udine Football Grass Features

1) Easy to shape and install .

2) Good rebound resilience, abrasion resistance, minimized distortion and shrinkage and excellent sports performance.

3) Excellent UV-stability: strong color fastness, it offer a guarantee of 5-6 years for no fade.

4) Water savings, no pollution and pesticides

5) Specification can be adjusted according to the customer's request.

6) Environmentally friendly. Safe and environmental-friendly: it doesn't contain any heavy metals.

7) Can be used 24/7/365 for sports, community events or other activities and all-weather utility

8) 3,100 hours play per year, no rest required

9) Best price with quality control.

10) Professional production lines and aftersales service.

Artificial Turf Grass for Decoration and Landscaping Grass
Production Line

As pictures showing, this is the process of our Football Grass production.

Artificial Turf Grass for Decoration and Landscaping Grass

Udine Football Grass Field Application

Udine Football Grass can be used for football field.

artificial grass for football field.jpg
1. The packing must be rolled on the cardboard core tightly and neatly. In this way, grass can keep good shape during the transportation, won't be wrinkled or damaged. 
2. Packed in roll - coverd with water proof PP bag outside, color is grey, blue and can be customised.
3. Roll width can be 4 meter and 2 meter, length can be 20m-60m according to different grass, our regular roll size is 4m x 25m (100sqm) and 2m x 25m (50sqm) 

Artificial Turf Grass for Decoration and Landscaping Grass

Samples Room 

There are all kinds of samples of Football Grass in our samples room.

Artificial Turf Grass for Decoration and Landscaping Grass
Payment terms
T/T 30% as down payment, balance before shipping.
How to install the Football Grass?
Prepare Natural Ground for Football Grass( If on cement floor, please start from 2)
1.Remove any existing grass with a flat shovel or turf cutter.
2.Compact the ground with a vibrating plate compactor.
3.Lay a non-woven cloth over the ground.
Lay the Football Grass 
4.Cut the roll of Football Grass into lengths that fit the shape of your yard.
5.Lay the turf over the area in its permanent place. Make sure adjoining seams fit together without any visible gaps, but do not overlap them.
6.Cut the edges of the artificial turf to fit the edges of the lawn. Use a utility knife to cut the grass from its underside adhere the Joints.
7.Peel back the joints between the Football Grass strips along their length. Reveal enough of the underlying ground to fit the joint tape with an inch or two to spare on each side.
8.Lay the joint tape in the gap you have created so that, when laid, the seam between the two adjacent strips of Football Grass will run down its middle.
9.Paint the joint tape with the glue.
10.Lay the edges of the adjoining Football Grass pieces over the joint tape and adhesive so that they are in their original and permanent position. Weigh the joint down with sandbags.
11.Repeat for each of the joints in the turf. Options for Adhering the Edges of the Artificial Grass
12.Nail down the edges of artificial turf on natural ground.
13.Apply the joint tape around the edges of Football Grass laid over concrete. (See step 10) Spread the Infill if required.
14.Spread the recommended amount of infill evenly over the artificial grass.
15.Rake the infill over the artificial turf to work it underneath the surface.
16.Allow it to settle overnight.
17.Spread and rake in more infill if necessary, until the space between the sub layer and the bottom of the Football Grass is filled.

Q: How can I get samples?
A: Free samples are available, please send us your Freight collect account number, post code, consingee address, consingee name, phone number.

Q: How can I visit your company?
A: Welcome to our company. You can take plane to Qingdao Airport, then we will go to pick you up.

Q: What is your MOQ?
A: Our MOQ is 500 square meter each type.

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