Six Ways to Make a Home Gym Last Longer

Nov 9th,2022

Choosing the best home gym floor for your fitness and goals can be a challenge in itself. After building your dream home gym and creating a space that will help you achieve your goals, you want it to last. Here are six tips to make your home gym floor more durable and look good.

By choosing the right floor, this product will meet your needs. It is vital to maintain, clean and maintain your floor so it continues to function properly and look great. Here are six tips to make your home gym floor more durable.

1. Only Use Heavy Machinery on Thicker Gym Tiles

If you plan to use heavy machinery and weights, you need to buy the right floor. Thin tiles or foam can dent and scratch easily. When you keep losing weight, eventually, it destroys the floor. Marks, scratches and dents will start to appear. To make your floors more durable, use heavy objects only on suitable products such as heavy duty and shock resistant 50mm and 60mm tile or no less than 4-6mm rubber for equipment.

2. Match Your Intended Use to Your Flooring

The best way to make your home gym floor more durable is to buy products that match how you plan to use the space. If you have a specific idea in mind, you can narrow your selection down to exercise-specific options. But if you want to do anything without worrying about dents, scratches, and other issues, multipurpose floors are perfect. By getting the best product for your needs, it will last longer because it is specifically designed to handle certain elements.

3. Vacuum to Remove Dust and Debris

When cleaning floors, it is important to remove all dust and debris before washing the surface. In your cleaning routine, start by vacuuming the floor of dirt, dust, and debris. This prevents wear and dirt build-up.

4. Patch Test Cleaning Solutions on a Small Area

Always do a patch test on a small area before using any cleaner on the floor. You don't want to damage your floors with harsh cleaning products. Sweating is normal in a fitness environment, so it's important to clean and maintain your floors and home gym to keep it clean and fresh. Patch testing will ensure you avoid using the wrong type of cleaning product. A neutral cleaner is recommended as the best solution for rubber floors.

5. Use Thick Rubber Gym Tiles for Heavy Weights

If you're going to lift heavy weights or even Olympic weights, you'll want a thick, durable rubber home gym mat. Not only can heavy objects dent and scratch the floor, but they can also create a lot of noise when dropped on an incorrect surface. Thick rubber gym floor tiles have excellent sound insulation and are great for reducing noise, especially when you need to consider your neighbors. For very heavy weights, use anti-vibration tiles, with a standard weight of not less than 11mm, although individual tile brands will recommend a permissible drop in weight per product.

6. Don't Soak Gym Flooring when Cleaning 

When cleaning gym floors, avoid soaking the area with water or solutions. Instead, when you use a wet cleaner, pay special attention to areas that need more work, rather than soaking the entire area. Make sure any cleaners you use are suitable for disinfecting floors without damaging them, and use only minimal water.

Your floor is an important part of your home gym setup. You'll get the most out of your investment if you clean and maintain your floors regularly. By aligning your needs with your floors, you can buy the best option for your home gym. This way, your floors will be of the best quality and at the same time durable.